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Whole Bean

Scoop & Spoon Colour

RIOT - Gold


So you wanna take your coffee game to the next level? Here's where you start. With the RCC Starter Kit you get the essentials that will give you all of the the coffee options and gear you need. Start taking your coffee addiction serious and level up with the Level Up Starter Kit, you will not regret it!

Included in the Level Up Starter Kit:
✔️ All Four Fresh Roasted RCC blends (360g of each)
✔️ Exclusive RCC Coffee Scoop (not available for purchase)
✔️ The Colour Morphing RCC Mug (turns from black to white when hot)
✔️ An RCC Rubber Coaster
✔️ A Skull Spoon
✔️ RCC Stickers