Our Mission For Strong But Smooth Coffee

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The owners of Rampage Coffee Co. - Dustin and Lauren - were tired of the same old stale and small batch coffee that they were drinking.

Being extremely busy entrepreneurs and new parents, they wanted strong coffee that's healthy and would give them that extra boost they needed to keep grinding out those long days. 

In the search for strong and smooth coffee they tried numerous different coffee brands with no luck, so they decided to step in and start a new local coffee roaster and STRONG & SMOOTH COFFEE REGIME in Canada.

They began their roasting journey and after months of R & D and hundreds of cups of coffee later, the team finally crafted the perfect STRONG, RICH and SMOOTH coffee blends that they were looking for... Oh, and another business.

Micro batch roasting very specific varieties of specialty grade coffee and carefully blending them together was the answer! The perfect blends were born and branded as Rampage Coffee Co. - The only coffee strong enough to start a RIOT but smooth enough to want more!

Join us on this special coffee roasting adventure and feel the difference!

Rampage Coffee Co. is proudly owned and operated in Saskatoon, SK in Canada.


Mugs Up, Cheers!
Rampage Coffee Co. Team, Dustin & Lauren



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  • James M MILNE

    James M MILNE

    January 28, 2020 at 05:16 PM

    bought some c4 from Southern Roots in Dalmeny
    very nice! very smooth
    Great job!
    looking forward to trying the Code Blk

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