Rage Points | Rampage Coffee Co.


Each time you make a purchase on our online store, you earn Rage Points. You can redeem them for discounts that you can apply to future orders.

Redeem Points:

If you have created an account on our online store, sign into your account. Then click on the black and white rewards tab on the right side of the page to view your Rage Points. Then click on 'Get Rewards' from the left menu. You can choose from the 3 different reward options. Click 'Get Reward' on the discount you would like to use, then you will be given a discount code to use on your future order.


You can earn Rage Points different ways:


Visiting our store

1 point


Signing up

20 Points


Celebrating Birthdays

50 Points


Purchasing Products (per dollar)

1 Points


Share on Facebook

10 Points


Follow us on Facebook



Follow us on Instagram

20 Points


Share on Twitter

20 Points


Allow push notifications



A Successful Referral

50 Points


Once you collect enough rage points you can redeem them for discounts:

100 rage points = 5% Off coupon (minimum purchase of $10)

200 rage points = 11% Off coupon (minimum purchase of $20)

400 rage points = 25% Off coupon (minimum purchase of $100)