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Hello we are Dustin & Lauren Blanchard founders of Rampage Coffee. Rampage Coffee Co. is owned and operated out of Saskatoon, SK - that's in Canada EH!

We are very passionate, young entrepreneurs who strive for top quality coffee and customer service.

We believe your coffee's journey begins here... First, specialty grade coffee it's carefully selected and imported from small holder farms, it's then micro batch roasted, then it's cooled and precisely blended, then packaged and labeled, and then shipped out. That's right, FRESH ROASTED COFFEE! The freshest coffee in Canada.

Why Join Our Coffee Club?

Subscriptions are a great way to save $$$ on your coffee purchases and to make sure you never run out of fresh roasted coffee, ain't nobody got time for that! You can select any of your favorite coffees from our amazing range of blends. We are constantly roasting fresh coffee to be delivered at an interval of your choosing from 7days. 14days 30 day or 60days. Mix and match your blends to create the perfect subscription, and don't worry you can swap coffees, change order delivery dates, pause or cancel at any time!

But Wait There's More!

When you join our coffee club you will get extra perks that other customers don't like special discounted rates on coffee accessories and merch. Plus you will get to join our exclusive coffee club FB community where we will announce new products days in advance before they launch, you will get extra support with your subscription, you will also get a more intimate insider view of how the Rampage magic happens with exclusive group chats, plus there will be extra random fun giveaways exclusively for coffee club members.

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