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"I’m really glad to be a part of the progression of Freestyle Motocross"


 Ryan Paquette (Picket)
Discipline: Freestyle Motocross/Long hair don't care
Born: April 6, 1993 Regina SK
Started riding: 2005
Started FMX: 2012

(Above: Ryan holding his 1st place trophy from the 244 Throw down competition)

Quick Bio
Ryan is a high energy individual who is always looking for something more. His competitive nature pushes him to the forefront of anything he touches. His friendly personality is to blame for his huge network of friends and sponsors that he has picked up throughout his journey. 

We have been watching Ryan grow from a "small time trail rider" to a semi-professional FMX rider over the last few years and we can't wait to see where he goes in the years to come. 

Ryan has grabbed a lot of attention over the last few years within the FMX community - this has curated almost 2000 followers on Instagram and six new sponsorship partners that are proud to call him their own. 
Winning 1st place in the best whip competition at the 2017 annual 244 Throw Down Freestyle event (Whiskey Throttle Motorsports Compound) has solidified his new found talent.

(Above: Ryan doing a Heart Attack Seat Grab)

Ryan's Goals for 2019
Improve on his trick list - Some of the new tricks that he wants to learn are; Kiss of death, Turn up whips, Holy grabs, Rock solids, Strippers and if everything goes to plan the Back flip.

Worst Injuries
Unfortunately injuries are very common in Freestyle Motocross. Ryan has endured a fair share of minor incidents but these major injuries have affected his journey the most;

Injury 1
Right Shoulder - In the spring of 2015 Ryan was riding in the hills along the North SK river when he swapped out on a natural jump. He incurred a major shoulder (scapula) injury knocking him out of the game for the majority of the season. 

Injury 2: Left Shoulder - In the summer of 2017 Ryan came up short on a freestyle ramp while he was executing a big turn down whip. He landed on the knuckle of the landing ramp and then bounced to the bottom (approx 15ft down) to the flat ground below with vengeance. Surprisingly enough he did not dump his bike but this resulted in a torn tendon in his opposite shoulder and he was unable to ride for months after.

(Above: Ryan in a sling after one of his crashes)

Want to see more of Ryan Paquette?

 His YouTube (new vlog series)
 His Facebook Page
 His Instagram Account

Our contribution

There couldn't be a better human being to fuel! Ryan is a text book go-getter, he is always pushing the limits no matter the consequences. He is a very calculated and talented athlete who is facing his fears, inspiring his fans and leading by example in a positive way. We could not be more excited to be fueling his journey!

You can help fuel his journey too by purchasing coffee through his link. Every purchase Ryan receives through his link helps support his unique journey and in return gives you a 10% discount on your order.

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Mugs up, cheers!   
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