Worldwide Competition Hosted in Martensville | Festivus Games at CrossFit 3126

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(Above: Athlete receiving support from a friend in a cutthroat workout competition)

Tension was high, competition was fierce, and Rampage coffee was brewing. The Festivus Games competition was in full swing! 

(Above: Athlete completing over head press reps as part of his workout)

CrossFit 3126 located in Martensville, SK was proud to host the Festivus Games competition for their 4th time on Saturday, April 27, 2019. The Festivus Games competition is worldwide, and welcomes athletes of both beginner and intermediate levels to participate all on the same day in gyms across the world!

It's an all-day event comprised of high capacity fast-paced work-outs. This year the turn out in Martensville was 60 athletes and 20 volunteers but the Festivus Games accounts for 8000-10,000 athletes total in multiple locations during this day.

(Above: Podium Athletes were rewarded with a kick ass custom built trophy and gifts including Rampage coffee)

Rampage Coffee Co. was proud to sponsor this event and fuel the volunteers with our high caffeine C-4 blend throughout the day. The podium athletes walked away with a fresh bag of C-4 and some RCC swag. Also, co-owner of Rampage Coffee Co. Dustin Blanchard, was there capturing the action as a photographer.

(Above: Left to right - Dustin Blanchard (co-owner of Rampage Coffee Co.), Carly & Rejean Lapage (owners of Wrench Fitness & CrossFit 3126)).

rampage coffee co
Sponsors: GFL Environmentals, Rampage Coffee Co., FitAid, Magnum Nutraceuticals, Fitness Solutions, Stormy Marketing, Mainstage Urban Clothing.

We were honored when Rampage Coffee Co. was asked to be a part of this event! It's our passion to FUEL people to do what they love. The event was a hit and we are looking forward to the next event this upcoming October. 

Mugs up, Cheers!
Dustin & Lauren


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